What is Byte Night?

Byte Night is now the UK’s largest national corporate sleepout event, with individuals and teams sleeping out to raise vital funds to prevent youth homelessness.

It all began in 1998 when 30 individuals slept out in London and raised £35,000. Since then Byte Night has now grown to 12 events and nearly 1500 people slept out in 2018. Byte Night is one of the UK’s top 20 mass participation charity events and is the largest national corporate sleepout having raised over £12 million since the first event.

Your support will also allow Action for Children to continue to help thousands of young people to build better lives by providing essential support, accommodation, education and training.


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Why do we need to sleep out?

Action for Children does what’s right, what’s needed and what works for children in the UK by supporting more than 301,000 children, young people and families each year. In particular, Byte Night works to support some of the 83,000 young people who are homeless in the UK every year through no fault of their own. Family breakdown, mental health issues and abuse in the home are just a few of the causes which lead to many young people becoming homeless. Action for Children has supported many young people to a safe and happy future. Unfortunately, so many more still need our help.

A look back at the 20 year
history of Byte Night

  • 1998
    • First Byte Night, 30 sleepers together raised £30,000
  • 1999
    • Byte Night raised £200,000
  • 2004
    • Byte Night cumulative total raised over £1 million.
    • The London board is set up
  • 2006
    • First Thames Vallery event took place
  • 2008
    • First Scotland event took place
  • 2010
    • First East Anglia event took place
  • 2012
    • First Northern Ireland event took place
    • North West and Midlands boards set up
    • Sleeper number exceed 1,000
  • 2013
    • First North West & Midlands events took place
    • First £1 million Byte Night year
  • 2014
    • Introduction of new event in South West
  • 2015
    • $1.1 million raised and over 1200 sleepers
  • 2016
    • Introduction of two new events in the North East and Wales and 1.25 million raised
  • 2017
    • The total amount raised since Byte Night's inception reached over £10 million
    • Introduction of the Glasgow satellite event to mark the 10th anniversary of Byte Night Scotland
    • Sleeper numbers exceed 1,500
  • 2018
    • Introduction of new event in Yorkshire to mark Byte Night growing to 12 locations

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