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Beards for Byte Night

Tuesday July 15, 2014

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At CBS we’ve already kicked off our fundraising activities for this year’s Byte Night. We have a number of different events lined up between now and October. We’ve combined activities that happen weekly or monthly, to keep money coming in, with some bigger one-off activities that help us knock chunks off of our target.

We have started running ‘Breakfast Friday’ each month, offering our colleagues the chance to start the day with a hearty feed. We even dedicated particular items to members of staff to help us to boost fundraising. Furthermore, we’ve been hijacking lunchtime once a month and serving up themed menus to suit the tastes of even the most reluctant of donators.

For all the card sharks at CBS, we hosted a poker night last month. We had three tables, with participants paying £5 for 500 value in chips, with the option to buy more when they ran out. Prizes were given out for the winners at the end of the night. We found it a great way to not only fundraise, but also build support for the event.

We’re also fortunate enough to have an entertainment area at CBS, with foosball, table tennis and a pool table. Later on in the year, we’ll be hosting a sports day and inviting employees to enter. We’ve asked senior members of staff to donate prizes, so we can keep down the cost of running the competition.

Lastly, and this more of a personal challenge than the others, I’ll be running the WORLD’S FIRST… Beards for Byte Night!

Along with my colleague Nick Wickens, I’ll be growing my beard for the 95-day countdown to Byte Night. At the very least it will provide our faces with much needed insulation come 3rd October. We’ve invited colleagues to sponsor our efforts and will also be taking photos daily to keep them updated through social media. We’re hoping to create a time-lapse video at the end of it all to share with those who have sponsored us. We’ve found it’s a creative way to raise money and awareness, and everyone at CBS is really behind us. If you like you too can sponsor us here.        

Doing something out of the ordinary to raise money for Byte Night this year? We’d love to hear from you. Email us and let us know.      


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