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The Battle of Waterloo

Monday September 22, 2014

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Congratulations to the Accenture team who spent all day at Waterloo Station going nowhere. It’s happened to all of us, but I doubt anyone else managed to raise more than £700 in the process.

For twelve hours on Thursday 11 September a team of hardy fundraisers took to their exercise bikes to raise money for Byte Night. Taking turns in the saddle, while the rest of the team collected money from passing travellers, the team knocked a healthy chunk off their fundraising total.

The event was planned by Byte Night board member Anthony Hatter. He and his team worked with Network Rail to make it all possible, as well as getting local fitness centre Gymbox to donate the static bikes. He also spent three hours cycling and was on hand to remind us why Byte Night is such an important event:    

“When you realise that 2014 will see 80,000 young people experience homeless in the UK, one night under the stars on October 3rd and a few hours riding in the midst of busy commuters seems a small price to pay to try to help reduce this.  Byte Night hope to top £1 million pounds to help fund projects run by Action for Children, the UK’s oldest kids charity that works hard to reduce some frightening statistics - one in three of these homeless young people attempt suicide and one in seven are assaulted.”

“While we were cycling, we received a donation from a mum whose daughter has autism and uses a respite care centre in Kingston that is supported by Action for Children. She told us that her daughter absolutely loves it, plus it gives the mother some free time. Just this one comment made the entire team feel the day was worth it.”

From everyone at Byte Night, congratulations team Accenture!

Doing something out of the ordinary to raise money for Byte Night this year? We’d love to hear from you. Email us and let us know.      


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