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What to bring on the night

Monday September 22, 2014

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What sort of packer are you? Do you give yourself five minutes to scoop up as many belongings as you can and bundle them into a backpack, assuming the important stuff’s in there? Or do you meticulously plan it a week before, making sure all your clothes are washed, ironed, folded and placed in your case in alphabetical order?

I’m the former. Nine times out of ten it works pretty well, although it has backfired terribly on occasion. That said, when it comes to Byte Night, I tend to come over all Ray Mears, carefully preparing my backpack as if I were heading off into the Siberian Hinterlands.

My list of must have items has been refined over years of sleeping out for Byte Night. You don’t want to turn up weighed down by everything you own. But there are a few essentials that you really don’t want to be without…

Sleeping bag

One year I didn’t bring one. I sat up the whole night drinking coffee and watching the rest of my team sleep; as unsettling for them, as it was tedious for me.     

Ground sheet or roll-out mat

A roll out mat will transform hard compacted soil into slightly softer and more comfortable hard compacted soil.     

Warm clothes

Are you one of those people who’s always complaining that they’re cold? Pack it in! You’re getting on everyone’s nerves. Bring a hat, gloves, thermals, a fleece, a jacket, socks, whatever you need. Just don’t moan to me that you’re cold.          


If it rains and you haven’t got a pair of waterproofs, your night is over. 

Wellies (optional)

Wet socks is one of the worst fates that can befall man or indeed woman. It makes you feel proper rubbish about everything.  


Vital for determining whether that was a bag or a head that you stood on when going to the toilet at three in the morning. 


“0 SLEEPS TIL BYTE NIGHT #LOLCANO #YOLO!!!!!!!” Bring your mobile so you can create and share imaginative social media posts like this one. Updates to family and friends on the night can really help with fundraising. You’ll also need it for the auction. Make sure it’s fully charged, otherwise you’ll feel like a right lemon.


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