Tom’s Magical Christmas

This is a real story about a nine year old boy named Tom, who can tell you first-hand that there is such a thing as magic in this world, because generous individuals like you wanted to make a difference in his life through the spirit of Christmas. This is a Christmas Tom and his family will never forget.

Tom’s story is told by Sandy, a Children’s Services Manager at Action for Children, all names have been changed to protect the identities of the children and their families.

“At Christmas we deliver food hampers to families that cannot afford meals at Christmas.
“I arrived at one house, knocked at a door, and there was no answer. Then the letter box opened and I could see four little faces in the opening. I said ‘It’s Sandy from Action for Children’. Tom is the oldest of four children (youngest is three years old) and their mum is disabled. Today she was too unwell to get out of bed so Tom was looking after his siblings.
“When Tom stepped outside he had no shoes on. When I said ‘you should put your shoes and socks on before you get cold’, he told me that he didn’t have any socks. That broke my heart. Although I have worked in this role for many years it never ceases to touch me emotionally in this day and age how we as a society still cannot get it right for the children we care for.
“When Tom saw the turkey his face completely lit up, it was such a wonderful feeling to see that reaction. He ran inside and starting shouting up the stairs ‘Mum! Mum! We have a turkey!!” He and his siblings were so excited.
“Inside the house you would not know it was Christmas Eve. There were no decorations, lights or presents under a tree.
“When I had brought the last of the food in I asked Tom if he was getting anything special for Christmas. To this, he grabbed my arm and took me through the house to the garden. He pointed me to a hedge and I could see a string of old broken lights, not plugged, in but stuffed in the hedge. I asked him ‘what is that then?’ He said: ‘The lights are so Santa will know where me and my brother and sisters are’.
“They were lights that would never be switched on”.
“Later that night I went back to Tom’s garden and put presents under the hedge in the garden. I just wanted the whole family to get that magical Christmas feeling, even for just one day.
“A few days later I got a call from his mum. She said ‘was that you?’ as soon as I said yes she burst into tears and said that Tom and his siblings had had the best Christmas ever! He couldn’t stop telling everyone how lucky they had been and how magical the day was. ‘It’s a moment I will never forget, it will stay with me forever and I know it will with Tom and his family too’.
“At Christmas you try to go the extra mile, so that one day of the year is extra special. One day of escapism and a bit of magic. I know Tom will never forget that day. We never told him what I did, I will never tell him, because he tells everyone that’s the day that Santa came for real! It was pure Christmas magic. All it took, was people donating food and presents to Action for Children, me getting in my car and putting them under the hedge in the garden. Pure magic!”