Xpertise Race to the Peaks

On Friday 14th of September, Xpertise Recruitment took part in their annual charity challenge ‘Race to the Peaks’ in order to raise money for Byte Night and Action for Children.

The challenge involved the group being split into two teams, one team raced on foot and the other team took on the challenge of cycling in the Peak District, both team were competing to see who could complete the race first!

The challenge was at first simple enough, until the rain got worse and the wind picked up, despite this our racers continued to complete the challenge.

The walkers made a trek of 19 miles through the peaks, starting at 9:30am and finished just before 6pm, and in this time they walked an incredible 41,710 steps!  The cyclists on the other hand completed an amazing 50 miles, and they won the challenge by nearly 45 minutes. The team stopped along the way at agreed locations to collect specific items, and to take some fantastic photos so they can always remember this amazing achievement!

Xpertise Recruitment has fundraised over £4,000, which includes this incredible race and the amount that was raised Byte Night. We could not be more grateful to Xpertise Recruitment for their incredible work, the funds raised will make an enormous impact for the young people in the UK who don’t have a safe and warm home through no fault of their own. Thank you for your dedication to Byte Night, you should be incredibly proud of yourselves for the amount you have raised!

Richard Harrison, The Managing Director/Founder of Xpertise Recruitment was thrilled to support Action for Children through this challenge, and said that “fundraising events like this involve the whole company and employees have the entire day off to do this event. […] There was a real sense of team spirit – even though it was a ‘ race’ we were proud of both teams for completing the challenge and the motivation was built on raising funds for such a worthy cause.”

A huge shout out to the walkers and cyclists, we are so grateful for your support of Byte Night and Action for Children!


Georgie Cox

Phoebe Kent

Laura Eatherington-Langley

Alison Chmiel

Lucy French

Leo Humphreys

Billy Senior

Annie Moss

Jack Lawson

Richard Bailey

Philip Newby

Andy Brown

Alex Barr – has since left the company

Tom Parker – has since left the company


Phil Brindley

Joe MacDonald

Richard Harrison