• Are we allowed alcohol at the outdoor event?

    No alcohol or glass is permitted at the outdoor event. As you’ll note in the pre-event guidance and messages reinforced on the night, having fun is encouraged, but we do invite all sleepers to consider the delicate nature of the cause, the risk to the reputation of the event and the comfort of their fellow participants by drinking responsibly.

  • Can my child take part in Byte Night?

    Due to the nature of the event, we don’t allow children under the age of 18 to sleep out.

  • Do the items used at the event, i.e. foil blankets, tarpaulin and umbrella get recycled?

    At present, we aren’t able to recycle our materials but we are currently looking into waste management companies to change this. Equally, if you know of any Girl Guides or Scouts that would benefit from these materials after the event, please get in touch.

  • Will the event be safe?

    The safety and welfare of everyone attending Byte Night is our number one priority. Security will be present throughout the event and will be patrolling the sleeper site to ensure that everyone is kept safe. There will also be a trained first aider should any one require medical assistance.

  • What do I need to bring and what will I be given on the night?

    On the night, you will receive a tarpaulin sheet, a foil blanket, an umbrella and a hat before bedding down for the night. We advise all sleepers to dress appropriately with a suitable number of layers, as well as a winter/ rain jacket. We also ask sleepers to bring a sleeping bag and a roll mat if they wish.

  • Will food be provided at the event?

    Yes, you will receive a hearty meal in the indoor event and then hot drinks will be available throughout the night should you need a warm-up. If you have any dietary requirements, we ask that you let the team know as soon as possible.

  • Can I bring my dog to the event?

    I’m afraid due to health and safety reasons we are unable to allow animals into the indoor venue, or sleeper site – unless they are a guide dog.

  • Can I take part in the event if I am pregnant?

    We would suggest that you seek advice from a medical practitioner in relation to whether or not you should be taking part in Byte Night and we would ask you to provide a note to highlight that the medical practitioner agrees for you to participate in the event.

    If you do decide to participate, we would be keen to remind you that we will have a first aider present at the event will be able to tend to any needs our participants may have, as well as hot drinks that will be provided throughout the night. We would also include your participation in the risk assessment and if possible, would agree to make an area available to you should you need to go inside during the event and would provide you with additional materials to keep sleepers warm such as extra foil blankets.

    We should highlight at this point that we would take no responsibility if there were any negative outcome as a result of your choice to participate.

  • Where do I find out the event venue of the Byte Night location I am sleeping out at?

    As soon as we have the venue confirmed for each region, we will publish this on our site.