• Can we combine our fundraising totals as a team?

    We do advise that teams combine their fundraising totals so you have one target, and work together to share resources, networks and contacts to fundraise. Additionally, we do encourage that individuals fundraise half their target and the other half is raised as a team effort. Overall, we have found that fundraising is a create opportunity for team bonding, making the experience all the more fun!

  • My company offer employees matched funding, can I utilise this to boost my funds?

    Absolutely. As you are probably aware, matched funding is where a company offers to donate an amount of money to your fundraising efforts; this can either match the amount that you’ve raised or be a fixed amount agreed upfront. We recommend teams to explore whether their company can offer this as it is a great way to help sleepers not only hit their target but exceed it. If you are applying for match funding and need any support, please contact your Byte Night event lead via our contact page.

  • As well as fundraising, what other opportunities are there that I can get involved in to help support Byte Night and Action for Children?

    You may be interested in joining one of our Byte Night boards to help develop our regions. Throughout the year, board members get the opportunity to volunteer at events across the UK and visit their local Action for Children services. If this is something which may interest you, please get in touch.

  • What happens if I/ or my team don’t meet our target?

    When registering for Byte Night, you will be committing to raising the minimum Byte Night sponsorship target set by Action for Children, we ask that you consider the importance of this target when registering, as all funds raised are vital for Action for Children. Teams are allowed to fundraise until March the following year and throughout that time the Byte Night team will support you with your fundraising. Our ideas and tools to help will allow you to meet that all important target!

  • If I donate a prize to either the auction or raffle on the night, does this contribute to my/ my team’s fundraising total?

    As we really do appreciate the income that prizes can raise on the night, we sadly cannot contribute prize income to team’s fundraising. This is because assigning the income to individuals or teams would be logistically a challenge and also reduce the fundraising total for events dramatically.

  • Can we fundraise as a team rather than individuals?

    If possible, we do encourage fundraising as a team, as some people might have more generous networks than others and these can counteract any team members who may not be able to raise their target. There are also lots of other ways to boost your funds including potential company matched funding. Getting involved in team events is a great way of fundraising, your team could organise such things as race and quiz nights, and we have even had teams complete an abseil challenge down their office building! If you do decide to fundraise as a team, you can either create a team page through our recommended online fundraising page, JustGiving, which will link all of your team members’ individual pages together or create a shared page.

  • The fundraising target is quite a lot to raise by myself, how do I go about meeting my target?

    We do understand that the target sponsorship amount can seem daunting but with company support as well as friends and family, nearly every sleeper does exceed their target. A few well-placed emails, events and activities can raise a large amount of money. Also, our job as the Byte Night team is to help you with your fundraising as much as possible. We have a range of ideas on our Byte Night site, including email templates, email banners and sponsorship forms. Please be advised that you can still fundraise post event because we do not ask for all the money until March the following year!