• How soon after Byte Night 2019 can I register for the next Byte Night?

    You will be able to register you interest for Byte Night 2020 as soon as the day after this year’s sleep out, and we would love to have you back!

  • If a team member is no longer able to participate, can someone else take their place?

    Absolutely. If a team member is no longer able to attend the event but you have someone else to fill their place, this can be done very easily. Please contact the team and let us know as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary name changes and contact details.

  • Can we combine our fundraising totals as a team?

    We do advise that teams combine their fundraising totals so you have one target, and work together to share resources, networks and contacts to fundraise. Additionally, we do encourage that individuals fundraise half their target and the other half is raised as a team effort. Overall, we have found that fundraising is a great opportunity for team bonding, making the experience all the more fun!

  • How many people can I have in my team?

    You are not limited to any number of team members, but typically teams are made up of five sleepers. When recruiting for your team, we do ask that team members consider the fundraising target before committing, as the bigger your team, the bigger your overall fundraising target. Although we do have many large and very successful teams each year.

  • How do I go about registering and inviting members to join my team?

    To register, please go onto our home page and click the ‘register now’ button which will take you through to the sign up page where you can input all your details. This page will also give you the option to add members to your team, we just ask you to input their name and email and they will receive a prompt to complete theirs too.