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Fundraising doesn't have to be daunting and for lots of our sleepers, the fundraising element of Byte Night is the best part. We have loads of Byte Night-themed fundraising materials and tips to help you raise as much money as possible.

So here are our puntastic top tips on putting the FUN into fundraising (sorry!)

1. Byte-size fundraising - Quick tips for time-poor sleepers
  • Business jargon swear jar: no more talk of actioning, drilling down or solutionising - charge £2 per misdemeanour.
  • Give up a vice - coffee, cigarettes, chocolate – and donate the money you save to your Byte night fund.
  • Fill a jar with sweets, leave it on your desk and charge £2 to guess the amount. Winner claims the sweets.
  • Download your LinkedIn contacts and email them a mail shot (available in the fundraising toolkit).
  • Ask your company for match-funding.
  • Enter those who sponsor you for £50 or more into a prize draw.
  • Put up a poster with a collection tin in an auspicious office location, or even a local shop.
2. Let them eat cake - Foodie fundraising
  • Cake sale - an oldie but a goodie
  • Hold a bake-off competition, charge competitors to enter and charge judges to sample the cakes.
  • Hold a themed meal in your office canteen, why not host a Bollywood lunch? Ask a local caterer for a charity rate, add some decorations and charge £10 per ticket.
  • Sell donuts, croissants or muffins for breakfast every Friday around the office.
  • Throw a summer BBQ at the office.
  • In the style of Man vs. Food, have an eating contest. Who can eat the most hot dogs in 3 minutes? Try to break a world record while you’re at it.
3. Chairman of the bored - Capitalise on your colleagues' office boredom
  • Break out of the formality of your office – do something embarrassing: bad hair day, international-themed fancy dress, wear a onesie to work.
  • Host a sponsored job swap, put the boss on reception.
  • Organise an office sleep-in, with pyjamas, cocoa and a bedtime story in your team meeting.
  • Hold a World Cup or Wimbledon sweepstake, using the downloadable spread sheet and email template from the fundraising toolkit.
  • Hold an office talent contest.
  • Bring your dog to work day - turn those pooches into pounds
  • Host a post-work pub quiz or poker night.
4. Work out - Make the most of your workplace contacts, equipment and suppliers
  • Host an office raffle - contact your suppliers for sponsorship/raffle prizes, they rely on your business so use this as leverage.
  • If you have global offices, spread the word about Byte Night; get your international colleagues to dig deep.
  • Ask to feature on your company intranet/in communications, include a link to your Just Giving page.
  • Auction off your old office IT equipment.
  • Tax those colleagues who weren’t brave enough to sign up to sleep out with a £50 forfeit.
  • Auction the afternoon off work (after checking with HR first of course…)
5. Be a good sport - Get physical for your fundraising
  • Host a sports day complete with egg and spoon, three-legged and sack races.
  • Pit departments against one another with an office arm wrestling match, sell popcorn and lemonade to spectators.
  • Run a 10k and donate your sponsorship money to your Byte Night fund.
  • Organise a 5-a-side football match - discover the next Luis Suarez working in the IT department.
  • Walk to work and donate the money you save on transport to your fundraising total.
6. Don't be shy
  • You are doing an amazing thing by sleeping out for Byte Night so don't be shy about asking peole to sponsor you. It doesn't matter if a donation is big or small, it all goes towards helping you to top the target and allowing us to change more young people's lives.
  • Use the Byte Night email footer and mail shots to spread the word.

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