byte night

What to expect

The Timings

The Timings

Indoor reception

6-7pm** – Arrival and registration
7pm – Warm meal
9pm – Quiz, fundraising auction and raffle
11pm – Outside to the sleep-out area

Outdoor event
Midnight – Pizza auction
6am – Breakfast
7am – All sleepers home to their warm beds and showers

*Please note each event differs with their individual running order on the night – please see the event page for the specific details at your venue.

**6.30pm arrival for Byte Night Midlands

**7.00pm arrival for Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast

What to bring?

What to bring?

On the night you will need:
A sleeping bag
A roll-out mat or cardboard (no inflatables please)
Warm clothes
Torch (advised)
A fully charged phone for updating social media (#ByteNight)
Cash (for the bar and raffle as there is no access to cash point machines on site).

Your Byte Night kit which will be issued at the sleeper site includes:
A ground sheet/tarpaulin
A foil survival bag
A warm woollen beanie hat
Large golf umbrella for shelter.

The Rules

The Rules

To ensure the safety of all of our sleepers, to respect our generous venues and the reputation of our event, please do not bring:

Any glass bottles – they will be confiscated at the sleep out site and returned to you before you leave in the morning.
Any shop bought alcohol to the outdoor venue – again, this will be taken at the sleep out site and returned to you before you leave in the morning.
Any inappropriate substances.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation to keep Byte Night a safe, respected and good-mannered event. 

With special thanks to our generous sponsors:

  • Bite
  • Amber Group
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